300 Pro

MITCHELL elevated the 300 to an all-new performance level with the 300Pro Combo. The innovative Bail Halo, carbon hybrid drag, machined aluminum spool, handle, and 24Ton graphite rod give this combo high-performance features so every angler can fish like a pro. The all NEW 300Pro is a proud evolution of the legendary and historic MITCHELL 300 family.


The first modern spinning reel was a MITCHELL. With the introduction of the next generation of MITCHELL 300 spinning combos we remain dedicated to our heritage of creating trusted fishing tackle and memories that last a life time.

Avocet IV Gold

Avocet® IV Gold reels have been redesigned for optimal performance while keeping the reliable operation that Mitchell reels are known for. With seven super smooth ball bearings and a quick-stop anti-reverse, these new reels will stop a fish in its tracks and effortlessly bring it back to the boat.

Avocet IV Silver

Avocet® IV Silver combos feature the same components as higher end combos but at a more affordable price. Three ball bearings and a quick-stop anti-reverse give you the upper hand with any fish you hook. The dual bearing supported pinion ensures smooth operation and less fatigue on your cranking hand.


The Pesca combo is a no-fail choice for the angler looking for a dependable reel paired with a well-built rod. Featuring a cork handle that provides a comfortable grip, the Pesca combo is a medium to medium-heavy action combo that anglers can count on.