• where-fish-live
    Fish Habitats

    Habitat determines which fish species live in various bodies of water. Trout live in lakes with clear, cold and deep water. Most lakes, by comparison, have cool, moderately clear, moderately deep water, where bass, pike, walleyes or panfish may live. Warm, shallow lakes are bullhead and carp territory.

  • ethical-angling
    Ethical Angling

    Ethical anglers go beyond the obvious; they don't just obey fishing regulations, they try to understand the basis for harvest limits and other rules so they can educate others.

  • selective-harvesting
    Selective Harvesting

    Catch-and-release fishing is part of a larger ethical perspective on fishing. This is the concept of selective harvesting. On one hand, we want to continue a tradition of eating some fish, but when harvested wisely, they remain a renewable resource.

  • find-fish
    How to Find Fish

    If you don't have a clue as to where fish are, you're bound to have a harder time getting a bite. You can't catch fish that aren't where you're fishing.